Fraud Awareness

Fraud Awareness

Suspicious and Fraudulent Email Warning:

You may be in receipt of bogus e-mails claiming to be from Malins Chambers or individuals from Malins Chambers.

The e-mails often advise the recipient that they are a beneficiary of large sum of money or bequest, often involving a large sum of money in return for a fee. The sender then requests personal information and an administration fee to forward the said money.

Should you be in any doubt about the authenticity of an e-mail which you have received from someone claiming to be from Malins Chambers, please separately e-mail us at

These e-mails are bogus and do not originate from Malins Chambers or any of its Members whose names are being used fraudulently and illegally. Should you be a recipient of such an e-mail we strongly recommend delete it, or if you are very concerned report it to the local police authority.

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