Members of Malins Chambers; Huw Shepheard, Linda Hudson and Eli Belegu attended Ogier’s annual Trusts Advisory Group London breakfast seminar at the historic Draper’s Hall.

Members of Ogier’s Trust Advisory Group, who specialise in both non-contentious and contentious areas of practice, provided an update on the following: This Way Out?
Presented by Rachael Reynolds, Partner and David Cooney, Counsel, Cayman Islands Considering the options open to trustees who find themselves stuck in a trusteeship, due to uncooperative beneficiaries, inability to locate a successor, or the mental incapacity of a protector. Using a case study to illustrate the issues, we consider some practical ways for trustees to exit a structure. Disclosure against beneficiaries
Presented by Amanda Mochrie, Managing Associate, Guernsey Is the scope of the Court’s Jurisdiction to order disclosure in administrative proceedings expanding? What is the relationship between the Royal Court Civil Rules which provide for disclosure in contentious cases and the Court’s supervisory jurisdiction? Jersey as the new philanthropic destination
Presented by Katherine Neal, Senior Associate, Jersey

Confucius said “he who wishes to secure the good of others, has already secured his own”; Katherine will focus on recent developments in Jersey towards making the island a centre for philanthropic endeavour and a modern, accessible jurisdiction for charities.

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