Effective January 2015, Malins Chambers is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Gentium Law Group Sàrl, a Swiss law firm specialising in international arbitration and commercial dispute resolution. Gentium includes amongst its staff a range of lawyers from across the world and focuses upon intellectual excellence in everything it does. We are proud to be associated with Gentium Law. Julian Malins QC, Head of Chambers, and Dr Matthew Parish, Managing Partner of Gentium Law Group, gave the following public statement about their cooperation.

“In the modern world of international dispute resolution, the marketplace is ever more competitive. To achieve the best for our clients, we have to work across borders and find exciting ways of cooperating while respecting different regulatory systems. This partnership is about that. We want to serve our clients to the highest possible standards, whether in the English courts, the Swiss courts, or in international arbitration tribunals across the world.”

Gentium has offices in Geneva, Fribourg, Moscow, Istanbul, Ankara and Erbil, and is planning on further expansions in the near future. Gentium’s lawyers are qualified in England, United States, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.


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