Zoe Gao

Zoe Gao


2016.9 – 2018.6 The University of Law, London, UK
Graduate Diploma in Law (online GDL)

2016.1 – 2017.1 University of Westminster, London, UK
LLM International Law, Westminster Law School

2014.8 – 2015.8 Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, UK
MA Broadcasting Journalism, The Centre of Broadcasting and Journalism
School of Arts and Humanities

2014.2 – 2014.6 Sheffield University, Sheffield, UK
Pre-Postgraduate Program

2012.9 – 2013.12 Columbia University, New York, USA (Ivy League University)
American Culture Program
Chinese Judicial Examination Online Course

2007.9 – 2012.7 Shandong University, China (top six in China)
Bachelor in Chinese Literature and Journalism
School of Journalism and Communication


  • Runner-up for Excellent Social Practice awarded by the University in 2009
  • Second-class Scholarship for Excellent Academic Study by the University in 2009
  • Runner-up for the Model Contest organized by the University in 2008
  • Award of Merit for Military Training by the University in 2007


Work experience & Internships       

2016.7 – Present  Unicorn Advisor (HK) Limited, Hong Kong


  • Investigate the facts of legal cases
  • Draft legal documents, such as contracts and mortgages
  • Write reports to assist lawyers prepare for trials
  • Contact and respond to clients and lawyers
  • Represent clients in family issues

2015.9-2015.11  Singtao Daily Europe, London, UK

  • Work independently to produce daily news stories for Singtao Daily, including generating ideas, searching news, contacting interviewees, conducting interviews, writing news, taking photos and editing
  • Translate news stories between English and Chinese, publish news on multi-platforms


2015.1 – 2015.8  Centre of Broadcasting Journalism, Nottingham Trent University, Nottinghamshire, UK –  Reporter, Presenter, Editor, Cameraman

  • Work independently to produce radio and TV news packages, including generating ideas, contacting interviewees, filming, recording, editing packages, writing news and publish them on multi-platforms
  • Samples of work:




 2014.11 – 2015.1 Yanglan One-on-One, Sun Media Group, Beijing, China

               Journalist, Talk Show Department

  • Participate in the talk show when the hostess interviews public figures from diverse areas, including international politicians, CEOs, artists, such as Elon Musk, Hilary Clinton
  • Post-production of talk show videos, including editing video and audio with Premiere and EDIUS, translating English to Chinese, adding subtitles

 2011.6 – 2011.9  Weihai TV Station, Shandong Province, China         

               Intern Reporter, News Department                                     

  • Interview senior governors and drafting news related to their activities
  • Cover local news on daily basis, including a range of stories on economics, politics, education, agriculture, etc., for Weihai City which has a population of 2.8 million

 2009.9 – 2010.9  Jiyang TV Station, Shandong Province, China

               Reporter, News Department

  • interview and write news stories for local TV programs, covering Jiyang town with a population of 60,000
  • Cover feature stories on New Year’s Gala, sports events, etc.


Interests & Personality

  • Traveling, reading and hiking
  • Strong sense of responsibility, always on top of the proceedings
  • Cooperative and communicative, sensible and thoughtful
  • Courageous, a quick learner and hard worker

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